EM1401 EMA thickness gauge

The device’s screen is protected by tempered glass
Operating clearance of up to 6mm
The device implements A-scan, B-scan and C-scan
Measurement of thickness in objects heated up to 750°C


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The EM1401 EMA thickness gauge is designed for thickness measurements of steel pipes, sheet metal, rods and other products made from steel, aluminum and other metals with operating clearance of up to 6 mm between the sensor and metal. Operation of the thickness gauge requires no preliminary surface preparation, no couplant is required. The clearance can consist of dirt, layer of rust, layer of salt deposits or other non-conductive coating (paint, varnish, enamel, plastic, etc.).

The special EMT14014T sensor allows using the EM1401 thickness gauge for thickness measurement on objects heated up to 750 °C. The device implements a special algorithm that accounts for changes in the rate of sound propagation in metal induced by temperature.

The sensor skew makes a minor effect on the device readings in contrast to conventional thickness gauges with piezoelectric transducers that require a sensor fixed in a certain position.

The EM1401 thickness gauge has a color display protected by shock-resistant glass. Like any other EMA thickness gauge produced by our company, the EM1401 thickness gauge uses a special data processing algorithm that provides automated correct thickness measurements in the presence of disturbing factors such as metal anisotropy, usage of several reflectors, exposure to external interference. In addition to the automatic mode of thickness measurement, the device allows using manual measurement modes based on the first echo and difference between any two echoes. Manual mode is recommended for severely corroded objects.

The EM1401 electromagnetic acoustic thickness gauge allows the user to analyze A-scans, visualize B-scans (three display options), and save data conveniently on C-scans in a matrix form. If necessary, the user can work with strobes, select a thickness measurement mode, signal processing parameters, etc.

Technical specifications of the EM1401 thickness gauge:

Range of measured thickness for steel 2 mm-80 mm
Range of measured thickness for steel without clearance 2 mm-200 mm
Thickness measurement error 2..25mm 0.08 mm
Thickness measurement error 25..200mm 0.1 mm
Permissible clearance between
the sensor and tested object
with the EMT14012 transducer
Up to 4 mm
Permissible clearance between
the sensor and tested object
with The EMT14013 transducer
Up to 6 mm
Permissible sensor skew relative to
the tested object surface normal
Lowest permissible radius of curvature of the tested object surface ≥10 mm
Highest number of measurements per second 16
Range of sound velocity setting 1000…9999 m/s with 1 m/s step
Operating frequency of the device 4 MHz
Duration of continuous work without recharge
of the battery
7 hours
Range of operating ambient temperature -20…+50 °С
Range of operating temperature on the tested object surface -20…+80 °C
(-20 …+750 °C where the EMT14014T transducer is used)
Dimensions 232 x 135 x 44 mm

Additional materials:



EMT14012 transducer to work with clearances of up to 4 mm

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EMT14013 transducer to work with clearances of up to 6 mm

on request



Battery charger for the EM1401 thickness gauge

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EMA transducer connection cable

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Transducer to work with objects heated up to 750°C

on request