Design and manufacture of non-destructive testing systems and devices


Non-contact thickness measurement and flaw detection in metal objects, defect detection in weld joints, detection of cracks, delaminations, corrosions. Design and manufacture of automated and robotic systems for monitoring pipelines, tanks, industrial facilities.

Our company focuses mainly on non-contact non-destructive testing methods not requiring any preparation of a test object’s surface. Examples of such methods are: non-contact ultrasonic testing (EMAT), eddy current method, magnetic testing method, laser profilometry.

We are always prepared for cooperation and we are looking for partnerships in the manufacturing and commissioning of dedicated diagnostic systems for industrial facilities in the oil and gas, processing, chemical and other industries.

The Oktanta company has extensive experience in developing innovative non-destructive testing equipment for specific tasks, and also manufactures individual components, EMA converters and modules for non-contact diagnostics. If our current product range does not meet your requirements, write to us and we will offer you the option of technical implementation of your request.