EM5000 EMA thickness gauge


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The EMA thickness gauge EM5000 is designed for thickness gauging of steel pipes, rolled sheets, rods, and other products made of steel, aluminum and other metals with a working gap between the sensor and the metal up to 4x mm. The device has the ability to work with sensors with a pulsed electromagnet, to which dirt does not stick!

Using the device:

To operate the EMA thickness gauge, no preliminary surface preparation is required and no contact liquid is required. The gap can be dirt, a layer of rust, a layer of salt deposits or other non-conductive coating (paint, varnish, enamel, plastic, etc.).
And sensors with a pulse electromagnet work even when the surface is heavily soiled, leaving the surface of the device itself perfectly clean.

Thanks to a special sensor, the EM5000 thickness gauge can be used to carry out thickness measurements on objects heated to 750 degrees Celsius. The readings of the device are slightly affected by skew, in contrast to traditional thickness gauges with piezoelectric transducers, which require fixing the sensor in a certain position.
The EM5000 thickness gauge has a color display protected by impact-resistant glass. The device uses a special data processing algorithm that allows you to correctly measure thickness in the presence of interfering factors, such as metal anisotropy, the presence of several reflectors, and the presence of external interference.
The algorithm developed by our specialists allows us to reduce the human factor and simplify the device interface.


The electromagnetic-acoustic thickness gauge EM5000 can be connected via a Bluetooth tablet, smartphone or other device based on Android OS. This allows you to expand the capabilities of the thickness gauge, analyze the A-scan, B-scan, work with gates, select the thickness measurement mode, signal processing parameters, etc.

At your request, the EMA thickness gauge EM5000 can be supplemented with wearable smart glasses. Wearable smart glasses allow you to measure EMA with the EM5000 thickness gauge in hard-to-reach places where reading the device’s readings from the display is not possible or difficult. In this case, the readings are displayed on the glass of the smart phone.
glasses and are always visible to the operator.

EM5000 technical specifications

Measuring range for steel thickness 2..80 mm
Measuring range for steel thickness without gap 2..600 mm
Thickness measurement accuracy 0.08 mm
Permissible gap between sensor and test object up to 4 mm
Measuring range for non-conductive coatings thickness 0…4 mm
Thickness measurement accuracy for non-conductive coatings 0.1 mm ±3%
Permissible sensor tilt relative to the normal of the test object surface ± 25°
Minimum permissible radius of curvature of the test object surface ≥10 mm
Maximum number of measurements per second 4
Adjustable sound velocity range 1000…9999 m/s in steps of 1 m/s
Operating frequency of the device 4 MHz
Continuous operating time without battery recharge 7 hours
Ambient operating temperature range -20…+50 °C
Operating temperature range of the test object surface -20…+80 °C (-20…+750 °C with the use of EMT50004T transducer)
Overall dimensions 185 x 43 x 35 mm