EMT2705 Active EMAT


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The active EMAT EMT2705 is connected to conventional ultrasonic flaw detectors instead of a standard piezoelectric transducer. It provides the measurement of metal object thicknesses, search for delaminations and other defects without preliminary cleaning of the tested surface and without a couplant.
The transducer is powered by a 6LR61 battery with a charge sufficient for 20 hours of continuous operation. The transducer requires no shutdown of power supply in the periods of inactivity since it turns off and on automatically depending on availability of probing pulses.


*EMT2705P is a transducer modification that uses a polarized lateral wave. The transducer enables identification and measurement of rolled steel anisotropy, and it, in turn, gives an idea of ​​the nature of mechanical stress distributions in metal and allows identifying the stress-strain areas.


Technical specifications of the EMT2705 thickness gauge

Battery type Krona battery
Type of excited waves Lateral wave with radial polarization
in the plane of tested object surface.
Direct acoustic wave input.
Width of the main lobe on the transducer directional diagram
Operating frequency of the transducer 4 MHz
Transducer aperture diameter 13 mm
Operating clearance range between the sensor and the tested object surface Up to 1 mm
Continuous operation without changing batteries 20 hours
Operating temperature range -20…+50°
Dimensions 38 x 32 x 59 mm