October 26-28, 2021, Moscow, IEC Crocus Expo Center NDT Russia International exhibition

The 21st International Exhibition of Non-Destructive Testing Equipment will be held in the last week of October. You are welcomed at our stand where you can learn about our devices and the latest innovations in the field of engineering solutions for non-contact diagnostics.

This year, the participant stands would present samples of equipment for such types of testing as optical, x-ray, radiation, ultrasonic, visual, acoustic emission, thermal, eddy current capillary, magnetic particle, electric testing, quality control of coatings; testing of insulation and cathodic protection; testing by penetrating substances; tightness tests; gas analysis; digital and computer radiography, and also metallographic, measuring equipment, optical microscopes, metal alloy analyzers, geodetic equipment, remote laser detectors, sensor equipment.


The leading industry companies, permanent participants and new companies interested in the expansion of market geography and search for new customers, would participate in the NDT Russia exhibition. NDT Russia is a test drive platform that provides an opportunity to try samples of devices and equipment by numerous manufacturers and discuss technical issues with experts from participating companies.

Please find the exhibition venue and working hours on the official NDT Russia website

Welcome to the NDT Russia exhibition, October 26-28, IEC Crocus Expo!
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