Search for corrosion under insulation up to 30mm
Tempered glass screen protector, impact resistant
Works even on very rusty and uneven surfaces
The world's smallest pulsed eddy
current flaw detector can detect even tiny flaws

Pulsed Eddy Current
Flaw Detector

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Corrosion detection through dirt, rust, paint with thickness up to 30 mm.

PE1437 Pulsed Eddy Current Flaw Detector can detect corrosion areas in steel objects without any preparation of surface.
There is no need to remove scale, dirt, paint etc. The total thickness of scale deposits or paint can be up to 30 mm.

The PE1437 Pulsed Eddy Current Flaw Detector measures the averaged metal thickness under the sensor. It is suitable for searching for general area corrosion located both on the external and internal surface of metal. The device implements an algorithm that corrects the measured data after a change in the insulation thickness, i.e. a change in the insulation thickness associated e.g. with the insulation sagging; makes a minor effect on the device’s readings.

Application of PE1437:

Corrosion detection in steel ship parts through a thick layer of paint Inspection of pipes with internal cement coating from the inside of the pipe
Corrosion detection in metal supports of street lights Corrosion areas detection in pipes through rust without stripping
Corrosion detection in pipes and pipelines in PPU insulation Corrosion detection in 3-Layer Polypropylene Coated pipes and pipelines


• The device has the minimum size of a probe, so it can operate on small objects and detect small defects.
The minimal defect is a flat-bottomed bore 20 mm in diameter to a depth of 20% of the nominal thickness.
• The device has a bright display which shows measured thickness, A-scan and C-scan.
• The display is protected with impact resistant glass.
• The probe has IP68 housing and can be used underwater.

The device comes in a shockproof case, the package includes the device with a protective case, the probe, a charger and a manual.

Technical specifications of the PE1437 pulsed eddy current flaw detector

Range of measured thickness for steel 0…12 mm
Average thickness measurement error 10%
Range of insulation coating thickness 0…30 mm
Lowest diameter of tested pipes 25 mm
Temperature of metal in the tested object -20°…+100°С
Temperature of enclosure surface in the area of sensor placement -20°…+60°С
Range of operating ambient temperature -20…+50°C
Time of continuous operation without recharging the battery 8 hours
Cable length 1.5 m
Dimensions 232 x 135 x 44 mm
Weight of the device 0.8 kg

Using the device:

Additional materials:




Transducer with cable

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Battery charger

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Protective cover for the PE1437


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