PipeScope 60 – 170 портативная система диагностики бурильных труб.
User can use magnetizing coil for magnetic particle testing
The system has up to 128 channels for defect detection and up to 96 channels for wall thickness monitoring
Operating temperature range -40°..+40°
The system can measure the diameter and ovality of the pipe

PipeScope 60–170 The portable EMI system for inspecting drill pipes.

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The PipeScope 60-170 drill pipe diagnostic system is designed to perform
electromagnetic express inspecting (EMI) to detect transverse defects in the
drill pipe wall, to identify defects associated with changes in pipe wall thickness
(internal and external general corrosion), as well as to identify pinholes defects.
The testing conforms with the DS1 standard. The system is portable and
designed for high-speed testing of drill pipes in the field.

In addition, the PipeScope 60-170 system allows user to measure the diameter and ovality of drill pipes, at the same time with electromagnetic inspection. The user also can use a magnetization coil for magnetic particle inspection of the pipe body, ends of drill pipe and threads.

PipeScope Viewer software displays an animated 3D model of the pipe with defects. Visualization of C-scans allows user to determine the exact position of defects with angular and linear coordinates.

The program settings allow user to change numerous control parameters, select the criteria by which pipes will be rejected, select the information that will be added in automatically generated reports.

The Pipescope Viewer software allows user to see C-scans using color gradients, as well as in the form of 3-dimensional surfaces. Pipescope 60 – 170 has the function of stopping over defects. And it also allows the demagnetization of drill pipes, both during diagnostics and independently of the diagnostic process.


Pipe inspection time no more than 30 seconds
Range of diameters of controlled pipes 60 mm – 170 mm
Range of wall thicknesses of controlled pipes up to 20 mm
Length of controlled pipes 1..13 m
Max continuous operation time per day up to 24 hours
Power supply 50 Hz, 220 V
Working gap between sensor and object of control up to 0.5 mm
Operating temperature range -40 ºС… +40 ºС
Number of measuring channels for defects detection using the magnetic flux scattering method up to 128*
Number of measuring channels for defects detection and thickness measurement using the flux density measuring method up to 96*
Inaccuracy of pipe diameter measurement 0.05%
Inaccuracy of pipe length measurement 10 cm
Demagnetization of the pipe after end of control Auto or manual mode
Coverage of continuity of control around the perimeter of the pipe 100%
Installation time to a different size up to 30 min.
Flaw detector trolley speed along the pipe up to 0.9 m/sec
Power consumption up to 1 kW
Weight Trolley, up to 11 kg
Magnetization coil, up to 10 кг
Air lift, up to 72 кг
Minimum size of detected defects According to DS-1
Minimum signal-to-noise ratio for 1.6mm-diameter drilling According to DS-1
Inaccuracy in determining the linear coordinate of the defect up to 5 cm
Inaccuracy in determining the angular coordinate of the defect up to 4°
Standards compliance: API Spec 5D, API RP7G,
DS- 1
Overall dimension and weight of PipeScope 60 – 170 Ultra Pro in the transport container (no Sample, no air lift) 600 mm Х 600 mm Х 600 mm /32 kg
Overall dimension and weight of air lift in the transport container 1300 mm Х 300 mm Х 300 mm/72 kg
Overall dimension and weight of the Sample in the transport container 1900 mm Х 210 mm Х 210 mm/60 kg**