PipeScope 60–170 Portable system for express drill pipe diagnostics

PipeScope 60 – 170 портативная система диагностики бурильных труб.
Using a magnetizing coil for magnetic particle testing
The unit has up to 128 measuring channels based on the magnetic flux leakage method and up to 96 measuring channels based on the magnetic flux density measurement method
Ambient temperature range -40° to +40° С
The system can measure the diameter and ovality of the pipe


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The PipeScope 60-170 drill pipe diagnostics system is designed for electromagnetic express inspection (EMI) to identify lateral defects in drill pipe walls, identify defects associated with changes in the pipe wall thickness (internal and external general corrosion), and also to identify penetration defects. The inspection complies with the DS1 standard. The unit is portable and designed for field high-speed testing of drill pipes.

Additionally, the PipeScope 60-170 system provides the measurement of drill pipe diameters and ellipticities, and moreover concurrently with electromagnetic inspection. Also, a magnetizing coil can be used for magnetic particle testing in pipe bodies, upset ends and threads.

The PipeScope Viewer software displays an animated 3D model of a defective pipe. C-scan imaging allows determining the exact position of defects with angular and linear coordinates.

The program settings allow changing numerous test parameters, selecting the pipe screening criteria, selecting information to be displayed in automatically generated reports.

The PipeScope viewer software allows displaying C-scans using both color gradients and 3D surfaces. The Pipescope 60-170 has a stop-on-defect function. It also provides demagnetization of drill pipes both in the course of diagnostics and independently of the diagnostic process.


PipeScope 60-170 technical specifications

Pipe inspection time in the unit ≤ 30 s
Range of tested pipe diameters 60 mm – 170 mm
Range of tested pipe wall thicknesses up to 20 mm
Tested pipe lengths 1..13 m
Longest continuous operation per day up to 24 hours
Supply voltage rating 50 Hz, 220 V
Operating clearance between the sensor and tested object Up to 0.5 mm
Range of operating temperature -40 ºС… +40 ºС
The number of measuring channels to search for defects
based on the magnetic flux leakage method
Up to 128*
The number of measuring channels to search for defects and
thickness measurement based on the flux density measurement
Up to 96*
Pipe diameter measurement error 0.05%
Measurement error for the tested pipe length 10 cm
A feature of pipe demagnetization after
testing is implemented
In automated and manual modes
Testing continuity coverage over the pipe perimeter 100%
Unit changeover time for another DP standard size ≤ 30 min
The speed of the flaw detector trolley movement along the pipe 0 to 0.9 m/s
Power consumption up to 1 kW
Unit weight Trolley with a basket — ≤ 11 kg
Magnetizing coil — ≤ 10 kg
Pneumatic lift — ≤ 72 kg
Lowest size of detected defects Subject to DS-1
Lowest signal-to-noise ratio for 1.6 mm diameter drilling Subject to the DS-1
Error when determining the linear coordinate of defect ≤ 5 cm
Error when determining the angular coordinate of defect ≤ 4°
In terms of their parameters, the tests that involve the unit
comply with the standards:
API Spec 5D,
Dimensions and weight of the PipeScope 60 — 170 Ultra Pro in a shipping container
without a sample and pneumatic lifts
600 mm Х 600 mm Х 600 mm
/32 kg
Dimensions and weight of pneumatic lift in a shipping container 1300 mm Х 300 mm Х 300 mm
/72 kg
Dimensions and weight of a sample in a shipping container 1900 mm Х 210 mm Х 210 mm
/60 kg