Improved HeatScan Complex

Our diagnostic complex, designed to measure the wall thickness of the pipeline and defects detection, can now monitor the pipes of the following parameters:

Range of controlled diameters 400-1600 mm (158-630 inch)
Pipe wall thickness range 3-16 mm(0.11-0.63 inch)
Length of control 500 m (19685 inch)
The amount of deposits on the inner surface of the pipe 15 mm normal and up to 30mm with loss of sensitivity (0.59inh (up to 1.18inh))
Sizes of detected defects / measured defects
  • through defect with a diameter of 6 mm(0,24 inh);
  • corrosion damage with a diameter of 30 mm (1.18 inh) and a depth of 0.2 pipe wall thickness
Effectivenes Not less than 100 m / h
Elbows passing 2
Y-bend passing Yes
The error in measuring the residual thickness in the defect zone 20% of thinckness
Relative humadity 100%
Operating temperature range 0-70°С