EM1301 Electromagnetic-
Acoustic Thickness

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135 000 roubles
VAT inclusive


EM1301 thickness gauge measures thickness of steel pipes, flat steel, rods and other steel constructions, together with constructions made of aluminium and other metals. Measurements can be taken without usage of couplant, without advance surface preparation and across the operating gap between the transducer and the test object of up to 3 mm. Rust film, salt deposits or any other insulating coat (paint, varnish, enamel, plastic etc.) can serve as an operating gap. The EM1301 has higher level of signal-to-noise ratio than the EM2210, therefore reliability of operation across the wide operating gaps increases.

Also in contrast to the EM2210, the EM1301 has a bright colour display able to display A-scan. The EM1301 allows users to:
‒ Operate with gates;
‒ Measure thickness automatically or manually using one or two gates;
‒ Turn off the AGC;
‒ Choose the number of coherent integrations, frequency of the probe pulse, the number of pulses in a burst, pulse rate;
‒ Save the data with A-scan and transfer it to computer via USB.


Allowable meter skew relative to normal to the surface of the monitored object ±25 degrees
Operating transducer skew relative to normal to
the test object surface
±25 degrees
Thickness range (steel) 2 – 60 mm
Measurement uncertainty 0.04mm
Wave type Shear wave radially polarized in a plane of the test object surface. Acoustic wave direct input
Transducer aperture diameter 13mm
Operating gap between the transducer and the test object Up to 3mm
Maximum amount of measures per second 30
Working temperature range -20…+50 °С
Acoustic speed range adjustment 1000…9999 m/s in 1 m/s increments
Operating frequency range 3…5 MHz
Continuous work time on a single charge 8 hours
Dimensions 131 x 237 x 45 mm