ED1370 Electrodynamic Thickness Gauge

Testing of steel thickness with large working gap up to 15mm
Can be used for thickness testing of deeply corroded items
Designed for non-destructive testing
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ED1370 non-contact electrodynamic thickness gauge measures thickness of steel pipes and flat steel across the wide operating gap between the transducer and the test object of up to 15 mm. In addition, the ED1370 measures thickness of insulating coats (varnish, plastic, rust, salt deposits etc.) of the metal objects. The device uses eddy current method, namely calculates equivalent resistance of metal under the transducer and converts resistance to thickness. The method is not sensitive to the quality of the test object surface, so the ED1370 can control thickness of the severe corroded test objects directly through the insulation and rust without advance surface preparation.
The ED1370 is able to measure thickness in relative units or as a percentage relative to any point of the test object. Thus, the device can control the test objects made of unknown material and measures thickness when calibration is not available.
The device is perfect for the control of heat supply system pipes, water-filled pipelines, tanks with refined products containing water or other substances that promote corrosion.

Operating temperature range -20…+50 °С
Thickness range (coat) 0 – 30mm
Thickness range (steel) 0 – 10 mm
Measurement uncertainty (metal) 0.2±0.25*h for thickness range 0 – 0.99 mm;
±0.25*h for thickness range 1 – 3.9 mm;
±0.30*h for thickness range 4 – 6.9 mm;
±0.35*h for thickness range 7 – 10 mm
Measurement uncertainty (coat) 0.1mm+3%h
Operating gap between the transducer and the test object Up to 15mm
Maximum amount of measures per second 3
Continuous work time on a single charge 8 hours
Dimensions 110 x 210 x 41 mm