EM2020 Embedded Modules for Non-destructive Testing

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Oktanta Company designs and produces non-destructive testing systems and devices according to customer’s requirements. We use all current NDT methods, including EMAT (non-contact ultrasonic wave excitation), eddy current non-destructive testing and magnetic non-destructive testing (MFL).

The EM2020 is an embedded electromagnetic acoustic module with a transducer and software. This system uses electromagnetic acoustic transduction for thickness measurement and flaw detection of steel plates, steel pipes, and objects made of aluminium and other metals.
Complete with the EM2020 we supply one of the following electromagnetic acoustic transducers (EMAT): EMAT with direct input of acoustic wave, EMAT with inclined input of acoustic wave, EMAT for generation and receive of Rayleigh surface waves, EMAT for head wave generation, EMAT for generation and receive of regular acoustic waves (Lamb waves).
The interface for connecting the EM2020 to the computer can be one of the following: USB, RS422/RS485, CAN, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, RF433MHz/866MHz, GSM. Our software developed for Windows OS or a software developed according to customer’s requirements for Windows or any other operating system can be used. Our software allows you to display A-, B- and C-scans (additional information about the transducer position needed for B- and C-scans) and to operate with gates. We have developed a variety of digital filters, including matched filtering for precise determination of echo signal position, coherent integration for increasing signal-to-noise ratio and various mechanisms of rejection.



Thickness range 0mm-100mm
Measurement uncertainty 0.04 mm
Acceptance angle range (shear waves, steel test object) 0..4, 25..40
Possible shear wave polarization type Vertically, horizontally or radially polarized wave
Wave type SH , SV, Rayleigh, Lamb (for steel)
L, SH, SV, Rayleigh, Lamb (for nonmagnetic metals)
Acceptance angle range for shear waves in non-magnetic tested item 0..4, 25..45
Acceptance angle range (compressional waves, nonmagnetic metal test object) 0..4
Operating frequency range 100 kHz…10 MHz
Required power range 3 – 40 W depending on probing pulse relative duration
Maximum amount of measures per second 50
Supply voltage At the customer’s request
Operating temperature range -20…+50 °С
Dimensions 170 x 100 x 40 mm
Can be changed at the customer’s request