The new improved version of the PIPESCOPE 60-170 portable drillpipe diagnostic system has been released.

All parts of the installation were subjected to significant modernization in order to increase the service life and resistance to external influences. There was an opportunity to measure the diameter and ovality of the studied pipes, the number of channels increased by the methods of scattering magnetic flux and measuring the magnetic flux density.

The drill pipe control system is implemented in four versions.

 PipeScope Number of channels by magnetic flux dispersion method Number of channels by the  magnetic flux density method Ovality measurement Diameter measurement Maximum speed
PipeScope 60-170 16 16 No No 0.6 m/s
PipeScope 60-170 Ultra 32 24 No Yes 0,7 m/s
PipeScope 60-170 Pro+ 40 40 Yes Yes 0,9 m/s
PipeScope 60-170 Ultra Pro 80 80 Yes Yes 0,9 m/s