Technical Council of SUE “TEK SPb”


On December 27, 2017 Oktanta company took part in the Technical Council of the State Unitary Enterprise “TEK SPb”. Specialists of “TEK SPb” have been interested in the EM1401 EMA thickness gauge that measures thickness of metal objects even severe corroded. Also their attention has been attracted by the MMK-VIC-EMAP-03 diagnostic complex for in-line inspection of pipelines with a diameter of 200-400 mm. The complex can independently move through the pipes for a distance of up to 250 m, can operate in the presence of slurry deposits, tee fittings, branch and vertical pipes and transmits image and data to the monitors of the laboratory in real time.
Based on the results of the Technical Council specialists of “TEK SPb” branch are going to start experimental operation of EM1401 thickness gauges and are going to test the MMK-VIC-EMAP-03 diagnostic complex after the end of the heating season.
State Unitary Enterprise “TEK SPb”